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statistics Population • The official estimated population of Burnley in 2016 was 87,500 • 53,600 are of ‘working age’ (age 16-64) • 45,000 were estimated to be ‘in employment’ in the period Oct 2016-Sept 2017

Employment in Burnley

• The four largest sectors of employment in Burnley are Health (18%), Manufacturing (16%), Education (12%) and Retail (13%). • Over the past 7 years total employment in Burnley has grown by 18.8% • Compared to 7.6% in the North West • And 9.9% across Great Britain • The percentage of those employed in Manufacturing in Burnley (16.0%) is almost twice the level of Great Britain (8.1%) and is over a third more than the North West (9.9%).

Public and Private sector employment • The private sector accounts for 81.8% of the total employment. • Manufacturing is the largest private sector employer • Over a 7 year period (2009-2016) private sector employment in Burnley has grown by 23.4% • compared with 12.4% in the North West • and 14.6% across Great Britain.

Weekly pay

• The average Resident Weekly Pay in Burnley in 2017 is £436.60 ( this is the average weekly amount earned by people who live in Burnley) • The average Workplace Weekly Pay in Burnley in 2017 is £420.10 (this is the average weekly amount paid by employers in Burnley) • The difference is that residents who live in the town do not necessarily work here also and people who work in Burnley do not necessarily live in the town. The figures tell us that Burnley residents earn more by commuting out of the town to areas where workplace pay is higher.

Travel to work area (TTA) • A travel to work area is one where at least 75% of an area's resident workforce work in the area and at least 75% of the people who work in the area also live in the area. Based on this criteria the Burnley and Pendle Council area’s make up a TTA. This may also be considered to be a “working economic area”. • The data is based on Census information – a National Map of the 2011 TTWAs can be found on the on the website. • To learn more about where people commute to and from in an area follow the link below,-40,630,635&tr=0,0&sc=1

Business Demography

• There were 2,800 active enterprises in Burnley in 2016. There were 340 business births and 290 business deaths.

Apprenticeships • Burnley is in the top 4 in the whole of Lancashire for apprenticeship (learners) ‘starts’. • In 2015/16 The number of Burnley residents starting an apprenticeship was 1,210 • Apprenticeship learner starts have grown 210.3% since the academic year 2005/06.

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